Wine Tasting and Developing Your Palate

Wine Tasting and Developing Your Palate

Tasting WineIn order to appreciate the subtleties of wine, you should learn how to taste it correctly. The process requires a combination of your sense of smell and your taste buds. You should enjoy the process as much as the actual wine itself. Below are some tips that can help you learn how to taste wine properly. To begin, cover your mouth with the wine glass you’re about to taste. This will help you concentrate on the flavor of the wine.

When tasting, be sure to slurp the wine, allowing yourself time to note your initial impressions. Remember that the flavors and scents come in waves as your sensories adjust to the taste. Red wines in particular are particularly important to understand the various aromas. When sipping wine, tilt your head forward slightly to increase the acidity. After taking a few sips, note the flavor, texture, and aftertaste.

Once you’ve chosen three or four wines, pour a couple of ounces into a wineglass. Try not to overwhelm your palate by using too many different wines at once. To maximize your wine tasting experience, it’s a good idea to pour two or three ounces into a glass that’s transparent. You’ll see the color more clearly this way. You’ll learn how to taste wine by journaling your tastings.

As you taste, chronicle any notes that stick out in your mind. You can use the notes you’ve made as a guide to flavors of different wines. Remember that wine has five major taste points. Three of them are sweet and two are sour. Remember to be sensitive to tanginess if you want to enjoy a wine. You can describe the texture of the wine by its body, sweetness, or acidity.

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