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Since 2018, our site has highlighted coverage of national and international food and drink contests and competitions. If you want more details about, you are welcome to check out our About Us section.

Who is our audience? Here are some insights*:

Gender – Our audience is 43.13% Male and 56.87% Female.

Age – Our audience skews older. We beat the internet average for ages 35 and older.

Empty Nests – 52% of our audience has no children living at home.

Affluent – Our audience is well ahead of the Internet average in $100,000 household income and above. And, an impressive 13% makes at least $150,000 annually.

Well Educated – 72% of our audience have gone to college, and an impressive 22% have gone to grad school.

United States – The vast majority of our audience comes from the United States.

Calling All Contestants is read daily by a large exclusive audience of chefs, home cooks, sommeliers, brewers, distillers, photographers, etc.

The quintessential Calling All Contestants’ readers influence a wide circle of clients, colleagues, and friends.

Here is what we offer:
– The seven (7) Category (Recipe, Cooking, BBQ, Beer, Wine, Spirits and Miscellaneous) positions are 1450×512 pixels. There is one (1) Home Page position 1905 x 512 pixels at $2,000 per month.

 – Advertisers may change their ads at any time at no additional cost. Allow one business day for changes to occur.

 – If you want to advertise for just one month, we can provide this on a space-available basis.

How much does it cost?
 – You pay a flat fee of $800 per month (All Category Positions), regardless of how many additional impressions are delivered. This makes it easy to budget. However, there is a minimum of three months/purchase.

 – We make it easy for you to pay your bill. You may choose to pay by Check, Credit Card, Stripe – whatever works for you.

Are you ready?
 – If you are interested in advertising on Calling All Contestants, simply email Kim McKee to see if an ad position is available.

 – If you have a 1450×512 banner ad ready, we can start running your ad immediately. If you need something designed, that can take a few days for creation and approval.