2024 Sunset International Wine Competition

Entry Deadline: May 7, 2024
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2024 Sunset International Wine Competition
Contact Information
Venue / Location

Sonoma County, CA

General Information

Judging – May 21-23, 2024

SUNSET is the leading media brand of the Western lifestyle. Its International Wine Competition makes its winning wines part of the most influential wine program in the country. Its judges are some of the most experienced wine professionals in the West, including many Master Sommeliers and Masters of Wine. The magazine is committed to promoting its winners in ways that no other competition can.

The competition is designed to attract all wineries interested in reaching the Western wine drinker and is juried by the best judges in the industry, who understand and appreciate the Western palate and lifestyle.

Winning producers will be featured in the October release of a Wine Special non-print, digital edition with supporting microsite. Promotions for the Wine Award Special Issue will be placed in sunset.com, Sunset eNewsletters and Sunset social sites. The edition will be promoted and available for 12 months or until the 2024 Wine Competition Awards winners are announced.

Blush and Rose Wines
Boxed Wines
Canned Wines
Distilled Beverages
Fortified Wines
Fruit Wines, Vermouth and Other Wine types
Late Harvest and Dessert Wines
Low Carb, Low Calorie, Low Alcohol
Native American and Hybrid Wines
Red Wines
Sparkling Wines
Spritzers and other wine types
White Wines

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – $99.00 (now thru 4-23-2024)
Per Entry Fee – $119.00 (4-24 thru 5-7-2024)

Shipping Address / Drop Off Location

2024 Sunset International Wine Competition
c/o Express Wine Delivery
7970 Cameron Drive
Windsor CA, 95492

Please ship the following samples
1. Four(4) 750 mL, 375 mL or 500 mL bottles
2. Three (3) 1 L bottles or 1.5 L bottles
3. Two (2) 3 L or 5 L boxes
4. Eight (8) cans

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