2024 Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship

Entry Deadline: March 30, 2024
Categories: MISC Competitions
2024 Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship
Venue / Location

Uranus Fudge Factory
14400 Hwy Z
St. Robert, MO 65584

General Information

Competition – March 30, 2024 (Saturday 1PM CST)

May reach entry capacity before Competition.

Discipline – Fudge

Strap in and prepare for liftoff to the most deliciously outrageous event in the cosmos: the first-ever Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship, blasting off in 2024! Sponsored by the interstellar legends at the Uranus Fudge Factory, this galactic showdown is calling all earthlings and space travelers to a fudge-fueled frenzy of epic proportions.

The real cosmic treasure of the galaxy is the rich, creamy, out-of-this-world fudge from Uranus, Missouri. This isn’t just a competition; this event celebrates the celestial sweetness that’s put Uranus on the map of must-visit galactic pit stops along Historic Route 66.

In this star-studded event, the bravest and boldest fudge fanatics will face off in an 8-minute munch marathon, devouring as much fudge from Uranus as humanly possible. Will you be the one to claim the title of the Ultimate Fudge Master of the Universe?

Expect the unexpected with a side of giggles and gasps as we celebrate the inaugural fudge feast that’s sure to go down in the annals of galactic history.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Total Prize Purse – $5,000.00
1st – $2,500.00
2nd – $1,200.00
3rd – $650.00
4th – $400.00
5th – $250.00

Fruits and Vegetables

Contest News

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