2023 Taste of Home – Kitchen Hacks Contest

Entry Deadline: September 17, 2023
2023 Taste of Home – Kitchen Hacks Contest

General Information

Do you have ingenious tricks up your sleeve that transform cooking and baking into a breeze? Then gear up, because our Kitchen Hacks Contest is here to celebrate your genius!

From August 28 through September 17, we’re inviting all life-hack enthusiasts to showcase their most brilliant culinary hacks for a chance to win $500.

Whether you’ve discovered a “magical” method to separate egg whites effortlessly, have nifty tricks that keep your kitchen spotless while baking up a storm, or hold the secret to making bread rise like a pro, we want to see it all! Your creativity knows no bounds, and we’re excited to witness your kitchen brilliance in action.

Judging:All entries must meet the Contest requirements. A team of Taste of Home staff members will judge the entries and select 4 winners based on the following criteria:
– Originality – 30%
– Creativity – 30%
– Technique – 20%
– Overall practicality – 20%
In the event of a tie, the one with the higher score in Creativity will win.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Grand Prize (1) – $500.00
1st Place (1) – $300.00
2nd Place (1) – $200.00
3rd Place (1) – $100.00

Fruits and Vegetables

Contest News

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