2023 PEBBLES Crunch’d Digital Contest (Kids)

Entry Deadline: April 20, 2023
Categories: MISC Competitions
2023 PEBBLES Crunch’d Digital Contest

General Information

Kids ages 6 to 17 with a passion for music can ask a parent or legal guardian to submit a video of them performing, playing an instrument, dancing, or speaking about their love of music.

Judging Criteria
1)  Originality of the Video (33.3%)
2)  Video’s premise (i.e. originality, clarity of expression, and creativity) in relation to the theme of the Contest: passion for music (i.e. tell us why you deserve to win) (33.3%)
3) What Contestant intends to do with the Prize (as defined below) (33.3%)

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Prizewinner – $5,000.00 To further develop their music education as such may be defined according to Contestant’s personal needs.

The Wonder of Mushrooms

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