2023 Instructables – Halloween Contest

Entry Deadline: November 13, 2023
Categories: MISC Competitions
2023 Instructables – Halloween Contest

General Information


THIS. IS. HALLOWEEN! – At Instructables, we eagerly anticipate Halloween as it’s the highlight of our year. Witnessing the imaginative and eerie costumes, props, decorations, and culinary creations you conjure up brings us immense joy. Join us in celebrating this splendidly inventive season by sharing your festivities, and you could win a Gift Card!

This year we have 6 Judges’ Prizes with a $300 Gift Card prize for each!
Epic Costume – a costume that takes a lot of planning, materials, and/or time to create
Easy Costume – a costume that can be completed in a shorter amount of time
Kids Costume – a costume for a child
Prop – portion of a costume that is held or worn / goes along with a costume, not a complete costume
Decoration – should sit on its own and be Halloween-themed
Food – recipe/food project

We look forward to seeing the many ways you make and celebrate for Halloween!

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Grand Prize (1) – $500.00/Amazon Gift Card
First Prize (3) – $300.00/Amazon Gift Card
Second Prize (5) – $100.00/Amazon Gift Card
Runner-Up (10) – $50.00/ Digital Gift Card
Judges’ Prize (1) – $300.00/Amazon Gift Card (Epic Costume)
Judges’ Prize (1) – $300.00/Amazon Gift Card (Easy Costume)
Judges’ Prize (1) – $300.00/Amazon Gift Card (Kids Costume)
Judges’ Prize (1) – $300.00/Amazon Gift Card (Prop)
Judges’ Prize (1) – $300.00/Amazon Gift Card (Decoration)
Judges’ Prize (1) – $300.00/Amazon Gift Card (Food)

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