2023 Doritos® Meme Challenge: The Threequel

Entry Deadline: November 9, 2023
Categories: MISC Competitions
2023 Doritos® Meme Challenge: The Threequel

General Information

Assignment – You did it once, you did it twice, and now…we are doing it all over again. Legioners, we are bringing back our infamous meme challenge, the threequel. You know the drill; we are talking everything memes. Make us laugh, make us cry, but please be original. And like any good threequel, we are changing things up just a bit. We are opening submissions to both images and videos, anything goes!

Objective -The Doritos team is looking for gut busting-ly funny memes but here’s the catch…you must be original. You can reference preexisting formats, but you cannot use the original images if they are not licensed. Submissions will be invalidated if they contain any intellectual property that Doritos does not have rights to, such as visible third-party logos, copyrighted designs (think Fender Stratocaster, or Nike Jordans), images or music that requires licensing, etc.

Content should be:
– Engaging and eye-catching. Think what stops your own thumb when scrolling and apply that to what you create.
– Evergreen, meaning it could be shared tomorrow or next month.
– Product-centric where Doritos® is the hero.
– But most importantly, we are looking for submissions that are relevant and bold. We are talking Doritos®-bag-surfing bold.
We want clear branding (if a bag is in the shot, make sure the logo is not cut off), appetite appeal, Doritos awesomeness, and oh, no claims about the product.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Cash Prizes
1st – $3,000.00
2nd – $2,500.00
3rd – $1,250.00
4th – $750.00
5th – $500.00

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