2023 Club House® – Canada Cooks Recipe Contest

Entry Deadline: September 19, 2023
Categories: Recipe Contests
2023 Club House® - Canada Cooks Recipe Contest

General Information

1. Your name, email address, telephone number and hometown.
2. Your recipe for a main, side or dessert dish, consisting of: 1) recipe title, 2) author name, 3) ingredients with quantities (metric or imperial accepted), and 4) directions for making the dish (temperature, time, etc.).
3. 3 – 5 sentence (100 words maximum) description of your recipe and what makes it special, for example based on: its association with a season, event or holiday, its cultural significance, its age or historical relevance, and/or its generational use.
4. Photo(s) of finished dish or physical recipe card (preferably both), following any instructions regarding file size/type provided on the Contest Website.

One Entry Per Person.

Judging Criteria
Clarity (25%) – Recipe should be clear and concise, easy to read, interpret, and recreate.
Imagery (25%) – Images should be of either the completed dish or the handwritten recipe card or both. Recipe card should show detailed instructions for making the dish. Recipes should look appetizing; all photos should be well-lit and easy to see.
Seasonality (25%) – Recipes should be seasonal fall or Thanksgiving dishes, with an emphasis given to cultural variations. Unique twists on classics will receive higher scores.
Age (25%) – Recipes that have been passed down for generations, based on the photo of the recipe card or description, will receive higher scores.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Prizes (5) – $500 CAD/Cheque – Featured in the National Digital Cookbook