2023 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition

Entry Deadline: May 19, 2023
Categories: Wine Competitions
California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition

General Information

Judging – June 7-9, 2023
California Brandies
De-alcoholized Wines (below 0.5 percent alcohol)
Dry White Wines
Fortified & Non-Fortified Dessert Wines
Fruit and Berry Wines
Low Alcohol Wines (0.5 to 7 percent alcohol)
Micro Winery Wines
Red Table Wines
Rosé and Blush Wines
Sparkling Wines
Sweet White Wines
Vermouth and Other Flavored Wines

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – online – $75.00, offline (paper) – $85.00 (March 1 thru April 28, 2023)
Per Entry fee – online – $85.00, offline (paper) – $95.00 (April 29 thru May 19, 2023)

Shipping Address / Drop Off Location

California State Fair
Attn: Commercial Wine Competition
1600 Exposition Blvd
Ethan and Hurley, Gate 12
Expo Center #6
Sacramento, CA 95815

Please mark the case containing the entry receipt or the check: “Entry Form Enclosed”.

Please mark multiple box shipments with box numbers and total boxes shipped (i.e., “Box 1 of 4,” “Box 2 of 4,” etc.)

Fruits and Vegetables

Contest News

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