2022 Vanderpump Wines Recipe Contest

Entry Deadline: July 31, 2022
2022 Vanderpump Wines Recipe Contest

General Information

Submit your recipe that best pairs with one of Lisa’s wines for a chance to see it featured on the menu of one of her Las Vegas restaurants.

Original (20%) – Is your dish unique and one of a kind? Points deducted if there’s a copycat recipe online.

Delicious (20%) – Does it taste incredible? Remember Lisa’s going to try it if you make it to the finals!

Beautiful (20%) – Does the dish look appealing? Looks matter in this contest – make sure you upload a photo that really shows off your dish. Lisa is only tasting the finalists’ dishes so it needs to look delicious too. Everything at Lisa’s restaurants is presented and garnished to perfection!

Perfect Pairing (20%) – Does your recipe pairs perfectly with one of the Vanderpump wines? Be ready to prove why! It’s all about the pairing, not just the recipe.

Restaurant Fit (20%) – Does your dish fit within the menu theme of either Vegas restaurant? Can it be executed efficiently?

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Finalists (2) – A “meet and greet” with Lisa Vanderpump and a trip to Las Vegas.

Grand Prize – $1,000.00 and a dish inspired by the Grand Prize winner’s recipe will be featured on-menu at one of Lisa Vanderpump’s Las Vegas restaurants


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