2022 Equiano Rum’s Interesting Narrative Cocktail Competition

Entry Deadline: April 30, 2022
2022 Equiano Rum’s Interesting Narrative Cocktail Competition

General Information

Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador invites you to join the competition whether you’re a professional bartender or you like mixing drinks at home.

Looking for talented contestants who will create unique cocktails inspired by Africa and the Caribbean.

 – 5 Finalists will be announced in May 2022
 – Grand Final will be held in London on 13th June 2022

PHASE ONE – The team at Equiano Rum led by Ian Burrell will rate the cocktails based on the information provided in the participation form. Drinks will not be tasted at this stage, they will be judged on paper and picture only.

Inspiration of your drink: 20 points
Cocktail name: 10 points
Appearance/visual appeal: 10 points
Creativity/originality of recipe: 10 points
Replicability around the world: 10 points
African and / or Caribbean theme (name, appearance, ingredients, a combination of those): 10 points

PHASE TWO – The 5 cocktails with highest marks in Phase One will be competing in the Grand Final.
The 5 Bartenders that made it to the Final will be contacted by Equiano Rum to participate in the Grand Final in London.

During the Grand Final the additional points they will get are:
Presentation of the drink: 20 points
Making of the drink: 30 points
Aroma of the cocktail: 20 points
Taste of the cocktail: 60 points

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Bartender Grand Prize

All 5 finalists will receive a cash prize, but the winner will take £2,000 home with them.

1st Prize = £2,000
2nd Prize – £1,000
3rd Prize – £500
4th & 5th prize – £250

They will also be a lead feature in Equiano’s International Cocktail Book. The winner will be announced through all international PR channels, as well as see their cocktail listed in some of the world’s best bars.

French Onion Soup

Contest News

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