2022 Bourbon Brawl

Entry Deadline: April 12, 2022
The 2022 Bourbon Brawl Presented by Garrison Brothers + Texas Monthly
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Venue / Location

Austin, Texas

General Information

This will be the 4th annual Garrison Brothers Bourbon Brawl competition. You’ll be tasked with facing off against master mixologists and crafting your most amazing cocktail that is built around the award-winning Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey.

Please note that to enter this competition, you’ll need to have a ShakeStir profile that indicates that you live in the U.S. in order to submit your recipe(s), so make sure your profile is created and up to date before you decide to begin!

This experience will consist of three different phases:
Phase One – Online Submissions (March 1st, 2022 – April 12th, 2022)
Phase Two – The Semi-Finals (May 9th, 2022 – June 6th, 2022)
Phase Three – The Finals (June 30th, 2022)

Demonstrate the following traits to become a member of the Garrison Brothers family.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

The winner of the finale event in Austin will receive:
Single Barrel of Garrison Brothers Bourbon (15-gallon) for personal consumption only
Judging position in the 2023 Bourbon Brawl Bartending Competition
Additional prizing TBD

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