Who Cut the Cheese?

Cut the CheeseWondering how to cut the cheese, you are not alone. There are thousands of people who are confused by the procedure. Learning how to cut cheese properly will make the entire process easier. You don’t need to be a professional cheese cutter to enjoy delicious cheeses. Listed below are some tips that will help you make cheese slices with ease. Read on to learn more. Now, get to cutting!

Start from the center of the block and drag the knife towards the outer edge. Begin by cutting at the heel of the knife, then continue cutting perpendicularly. Cut small, round cheeses into two or four slices, or thin slices of the same size. For larger cheeses, cut each slice into eight portions. This way, you’ll have a nice round piece of cheese that you can serve with your favorite snack or appetizer.

Using a sharp knife is essential when cutting cheese. This will prevent the cheese from crumbling while enhancing the sensory experience. Also, be sure to keep the knives oiled with olive oil to prevent the young cheeses from sticking to the knife. Remember to use a knife with a long blade, and make sure the cheese is firmly placed on a  cutting board. The following tips will help you cut cheese with confidence and enjoy your favorite cheese with friends and family.

It’s easy to slice a wheel of cheese with a sharp knife. When cutting a wheel of cheese, make sure to cut it from the center to the edge. Cut it so that each slice is evenly cut and contains both the rind and the creamy center. You can also cut it into wedges with a sharp knife.

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