Our Advertisements ARE Our Brand Assets

To uphold the integrity of our brand, Calling All Contestants reserves the right to refuse advertisements which conflict with our style, design, aesthetics, and/or values.

BELOW: Three Creative AD Guideline Secrets.

Secret #1 – Quality, Quality, Quality.

We believe successful advertising market share is directly attributable to the quality of creative ads. This demonstrates the importance of focusing on the quality of creatives as part of the ad planning process.

Calling All Contestants offers large advertising so there is amble space to visualize your product or service.

1 Large Home Page Postition – 1905 x 450 Pixels
Large Category Page Positions – 1450 x 512 Pixels

Deliver your message with large imagery.

BBQ Alley

Secret #2 – Don’t Advertise, Be Creative.

We want ads on our website to be non-intrusive and not recognizable as advertisements. Use imagery to “focus” your product.

Make it stunning with few words to read. Don’t force people to pay too much attention – or even to buy your product. No sales, no 20% off…, this advertising is different.

The Beautiful Gnarley Olive Tree Makes Delicious Olive Oil

Secret #3 – Beautiful and Mysterious Pictures Say More Than Words.

People will click your ads because they are enticed by the beauty and mystery. That makes for a powerful click. When an ad creates curiosity about a brand, it works much better than ads that don’t leave anything to the imagination. No curiosity, no click.

Amber Waves of Spirits


The Wonder of Mushrooms

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