Want to Enter a Barbecue Competition?

Want to Enter a Barbecue Competition?

Barbecue competitions are growing in popularity across the country. With scores of competitions popping up every year, it’s easy to see why they’re popular. Often these competitions offer a People’s Choice category, in which teams compete to win money for the tickets collected.

Barbecue CompetitionsBefore entering a competition, get some information about how the judging process works.

Taking some classes will help you become familiar with the rules and the process of judging.

If you’re new to barbecue competitions, perhaps you can volunteer for team members. You’ll gain valuable insight about the rules and strategies of barbecuing. In this way, you can observe the whole process without committing to joining the team.

The competition’s format is similar to a food festival. Both backyard and professional teams serve up food to spectators. There are a lot of rules to follow, and some cooks also offer platters and special dishes to attract more spectators.

Before long, you’ll find yourself honed in the art of barbecue.

Competitions are fun, but also challenging!

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