Top Tea Producing Countries

Top Tea Producing Countries

Countries That Grow Tea

The majority of the world’s tea is grown in several countries located in Asia and Africa. Here are some of the largest tea-producing countries:

  1. China is the largest tea producer in the world. It has a long history of tea cultivation and produces a wide range of tea types, including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and white tea.
  2. India is the second-largest tea producer globally. It is renowned for its strong and aromatic black teas, such as Assam and Darjeeling teas. Other tea-growing regions in India include Nilgiri and Kangra.

  3. Kenya is the leading tea producer in Africa and one of the top tea exporters globally. It is known for producing high-quality black teas that are used in various blends.

  4. Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is famous for its black teas. The country produces a variety of black teas, including Ceylon tea, which is highly regarded for its quality and flavor.

  5. Turkey is one of the largest tea-consuming nations, and it also has a significant tea production industry. Most of the tea cultivation takes place in the northeastern part of the country, mainly in the Rize province.

  6. Vietnam is a major tea producer, known for its green teas. It has a diverse tea industry that also includes the production of black and oolong teas.

These countries account for a significant portion of global tea production, but tea is also grown in other regions such as Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Argentina, and Malawi, among others.

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