Tips for Nosing and Tasting Scotch

Tips for Nosing and Tasting Scotch

Tasting ScotchThere are many tips for tasting scotch, but there is one that is essential to the entire experience: pour the scotch into a tapered glass, such as a ‘tulip’ glass or brandy snifter. Pour a tiny amount of scotch into the glass, then swirl it around the glass to release vapors. This will help you understand the viciousness of the spirit and its aroma.

Try a sample of scotch and remember to drink water with scotch, as water dilutes the alcohol. Water drops react with the alcohol to produce a bitter, smoky taste. Be sure to avoid peated scotch if you have a particular aversion to this type. However, if you have a snobbish friend, it’s perfectly acceptable to share a bottle with them.

When you’re tasting a scotch, try not to swallow it right away. The alcohol will burn your throat. It’s best to open your mouth and let the whisky settle in your throat before swallowing. Then, you can smell the flavors on the walls, gums, and tongue. These aromas will last for a few seconds or a few minutes.

For the best results, use a stemmed glass. Perhaps, a snifter if you can find one, or a similar-shaped wine glass. Some snifters even have an extra glass plate for catching the aromas. Avoid using tumblers and wide-mouthed glasses.

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