The Enjoyment of Tequila

The Enjoyment of Tequila

Tasting Tequila

The first time you try tequila can be intimidating, with the burning sensation of the alcohol hitting your tongue. If you want to experience its true flavors, try to nose it. Sip slowly, coating your tongue, and warm your mouth as you taste. You may also wish to try a fresh squeezed lime to bring out its rich flavor. Remember not to use too much salt or citrus to drink tequila, as this will only make it worse.

While drinking tequila, you can try using lime or salt as a garnish. A wedge of lime is dipped into salt before being inserted into the drink. The acidity of the lime will not be as pronounced when the shot is taken in one gulp. When mixing tequila and lime, you can use a tall, thin shot glass. To drink tequila, you should take a small sip, but be sure not to overdo it.

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