Tastevin – The Magic Cup

Tastevin – The Magic Cup

Tastevin - The Magic Cup

The tastevin (tas-​te-​vin), a shallow silver cup used by wine tasters to judge the color, clarity, and quality of wine, was invented in the Burgundy region of France in the 17th century. It was originally used by wine merchants and producers to assess the quality of their wines before selling them. At the same time, it was a necessity of the wine traders taste the wine to evaluate and value the wine before paying for it. Spoiled wines in ancient times was common. Remember, electricity had not yet been invented.

Using candlelight as the light source in a underground cellar, the shallow shiny medal helped to reflect the wine providing a visual evaluation. The shallowness of the vessel was so the light rays could easily reach the bottom for the necessary reflection.

In addition to their practical use in evaluating wine, tastevins also became a symbol of status among wine professionals. The silver cups were often engraved with the owner’s initials or family crest and were used as a way to display one’s expertise and appreciation for wine.

It’s a nice gift for your favorite Sommelier.

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