Olive Oil Competitions – Sensory Analysis

Judging Olive OilThere are many different ways to judge an olive oil, and one of the most common ways is to judge it by taste. You can enter a competition, but you also have to know the rules before you enter. Olive oil is considered a delicate, high-quality product, so judges use their specialized palate to assess. Some olive oil competitions include tasting rounds for judges, but they don’t offer a final verdict on the oil’s quality.

To enter an olive oil competition, you must have at least one sample. Most competitions require samples to be sent by mail.

A panel of experts specializes in sensory analysis. Experts on the subject include Stefania Marcuz. A member of the Academic Board of the International Academy of Sensory Analysis, she specializes in extra virgin olive oil and has helped to judge many national and international competitions. In addition to judging olive oil, she also has authored numerous books, including guides for consumers on olive oil. If you have never judged olive oil yourself, it’s a good idea to take a class from her!

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