How Are Beer Cans Made?

How Are Beer Cans Made?

Beer Can

Beer cans are typically made using an industrial process called canning. The process involves several steps:

Sheet Metal Preparation: The sheet metal is first prepared by cleaning and coating it with a thin layer of protective material to prevent rusting.

Sheet Metal Cutting: The sheet metal is then cut into the desired size and shape for the can using a cutting machine.

Cupping: The cut metal sheet is fed into a cupping press, which presses the metal into the shape of a cup.

Drawing: The cup is then transferred to a drawing press, which draws the cup down to its final size and shape.

Necking: The top of the can is then formed by a process called necking, which reduces the diameter of the can’s opening and shapes it into a lip.

Printing: The can is then printed with the desired design using a printing machine.

Coating: A coating is applied to the inside of the can to prevent the beer from coming into contact with the metal and affecting its taste.

Filling: The cans are then filled with beer and sealed using a lid.

Packaging: The filled and sealed cans are then packaged for shipment and distribution.

Overall, the process of making beer cans involves several steps, each of which must be carefully controlled to ensure the cans are of the highest quality and meet the industry standards.

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