Four Guidelines to Win Recipe Contests

Four Guidelines to Win Recipe Contests

Recipe Contests

1. Appearance is Essential – Food presentation is an art…Culinary Art.
– Start plating the food in the center of the dish and work outward, this will keep the food centered
 – Fill no more than two-thirds of the plate with food
Take images of the dish to upload, if the rules ask for an image

2. Name the Dish – An ingenious dish name just might get the judges’ attention.
 – Look to the ingredients for ideas
 – Perhaps an old family favorite name with a twist
 – What about a special occasion as inspiration
Descriptive words that capture the sensation of your dish will impress.

3. Taste – Try the recipe out on friends and family. Get feedback and refine.

4. Due Diligence – Inspire people to want to try your cooking recipe.
 – Look at food sections of food magazines
 – Look at food blogs and study past winners
 – Stay up-to-date on nutrition, ethnic cuisines, ingredients and seasonings
 – Don’t’ use hard-to-find ingredients

Many Happy Winnings!

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