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Yellow Rose Distillery

Small batch distillery. Our Texas Whiskeys are hand made for perfection.
1224 North Post Oak, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77055

Inspired By Legend – The idea for Yellow Rose Whiskey was born on a night among friends. In the years since, our spirits have challenged traditions, won awards and put the city of Houston, Texas on the global whiskey map. Fittingly, our name pays homage to a legendary character known for her bravery and independent nature.

Hand-Crafted Spirits – Being Texans, we’re no strangers to hard work. Every day, we wake up with one goal: to craft the best whiskey in the world. And we do it right in the heart of our favorite city, where the local weather and humidity helps age in flavors you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Story – If you ask us, Houston is the greatest city in the world. And since you’re on our website, we’ll assume you asked. But even with all the things that make us proud of Houston — the culture, diversity, our collective story — can a city really consider itself world-class without a hometown whiskey?

We Didn’t Think So – That’s why in true Texas fashion, we decided to roll up our sleeves and do something about it. But it wasn’t a distillery out in the wilderness we had in mind. We planted ourselves right in the Heart of Houston.

And we based our name on a character of local folklore, a woman known as the Yellow Rose of Texas. Legend has it her bravery and guile helped Sam Houston win the battle for Texas’ independence from Mexico.

It’s with that same independent spirit we craft our whiskeys every day. Right here in the city of Houston, Texas.

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