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Tips for Growing Barley

Growing Barley

If you are interested in growing your own barley, there are some tips to help you get started. For best results, you should plant the seeds as early as possible. Larger businesses usually use additives and chemicals in their processes, which lowers the quality of the crop. Small farmers use natural methods like planting and handdistributing the seeds. In addition, they pay close attention to the pH level of the soil. These are just a few of the reasons to plant barley yourself.

The first thing you should know is that barley matures two weeks earlier than wheat at the same time and location. Harvesting barley is similar to harvesting wheat, but you have to be extra careful with combine settings and skinning specifications. You may also need to perform post-harvest de-bearding. Weed management practices for growing barley are similar to those for wheat. You should be aware that weeds can severely damage the crop if not treated in a timely fashion. To prevent this, be sure to use herbicides labeled for barley.

Before planting your barley, you should test your soil for nutrient deficiencies and make sure the area is warm enough to handle planting. Once you have checked the soil, it is time to plant. The best time to plant barley is early spring, about the same time you plant peas. However, you should also remember that this crop needs a cool spring and summer to thrive. If you have adequate soil moisture and warm temperatures, you can plant barley in containers or the ground.

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