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Sabbatical Distillery

Make. Learn. Make Better. Repeat.
16021 CA-4, Holt, CA 95234,

Much like our distillery, the word Sabbatical has its roots in agriculture. Originally signifying a year-long break from working the fields, its meaning has evolved over time but the sentiment remains: a break or change from the routine for rest, rejuvenation and new pursuits. Whether it’s a break for an hour, a day, a drink, or a year, we believe it’s always a good time for a Sabbatical.

Sabbatical’s home is Victoria Island Farms, located on a unique 7,000 acre island in the Northern California Delta. Rich peat soil and abundant access to fresh water flowing from the Sierra Nevada Mountains make it an ideal location to grow the fresh California ingredients used in our spirits. Sabbatical builds on the foundation of hard work, quality and honesty developed through generations of responsible farming at Victoria Island Farms, family owned and operated since 1964. Sabbatical’s headquarters sit inside a building formerly used for California asparagus. Now converted to a modern craft distillery Sabbatical is carrying the torch forward with a new way of sharing the local agricultural bounty. We’re proud to bring the facility back to productive use and create new jobs on the island and for our community.

Each season we are planting new crops to be used in our spirits with the ultimate goal of 100% estate-grown ingredients. We currently grow the corn used to distill our whiskey products on the island and are planting barley to be added soon. Our gin and seasonal harvest spirits use Victoria Island blueberries, citrus and botanicals grown in our backyard. Formerly river bottom, the organic soil on Victoria Island is high in peat content and essential minerals so there is little need to manipulate the earth beyond routine crop rotations. The peaty soil and temperate climate provide an optimal canvas for growing a wide variety of crops and continued experimentation.

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