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Milagro Tequila

Milagro Tequila

Where The Sun Shines. Love Reigns. And Tequila Pours.

Milagro Tequila was founded in 1998 by two wide-eyed college friends who decided to take a chance and create a tequila that reflected the bright, vibrant, artistic world of Mexico City. To bring their vision to life, they sought out Pedro Juarez, one of the most distinguished Master Distillers in Mexico. For Pedro, creating a modern tequila meant taking full use of tradition – starting with the agave itself.

Milagro starts by selecting the finest ingredients to create the best possible end product. The blue agave used to make Milagro is grown in the Jalisco highlands (Altos de Jalisco), where the finest, sweetest blue agave in the world is cultivated.

The highlands are known for their red, mineral-rich soil, sun-filled days, and mountain-crisp nights, which allow the agave to grow large and full of sweet sugars. The agave used by Milagro is harvested in the traditional manner by jimadors at the peak of ripeness, at which point the agave are known to develop a better flavor of terroir (taste and sense of place).

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