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Black Draft Distillery

Family Farm & Distillery

Welcome to Black Draft Distillery, the first grain-to-glass craft distillery in Martinsburg, West Virginia since prohibition.

Black Draft Distillery started as a dream to produce handcrafted spirits from West Virginia, using unique and all-natural ingredients.

Founded in 2014, we joined the growing number of artisans seeking to blend our techniques with the West Virginia traditions of times past. We chose to first produce our First Harvest Moonshine because it reflected our commitment to following the generations of folks producing fine corn whiskey.

Over time, the high quality and explosive popularity of our First Harvest Moonshine inspired us to dream bigger and expand into Bourbon. Water in our area comes from the same type of limestone aquifers that western Kentucky distilling legends use. Naturally, we saw the mineral laden waters Berkeley Springs water as a perfect foundation for producing a great tasting bourbon.

The overwhelming demand to our first Straight Bourbon batches proved we had another outstanding product to share with our friends and locals.

Over the next 3 years, we’ve added 3 more terrific flavors: Rise & Shine Coffee, White Julep Moonshine, and Black Draft Vodka. Each is perfect for mixing or sipping straight over ice.

We produce Black Draft Distillery products for valued customers around the globe and always have time to welcome friends new and old. Ask us about special events or an exclusive tour of our distillery.

Our success at Black Draft comes from a simple formula. Live good, work hard, never skimp on quality, treat your customers right, and always keep faith in the American Dream.