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Hye Rum

Welcome to Hye Rum
11247 West US Highway 290, Hye, TX 78635

It’s Rum Time – Business partners Stephanie Houston and James Davidson, along with founding partner Benjamin Calais of Calais Winery, spent two years researching rum history and production and searching for premium rum available in the U.S., France and the Caribbean.

Davidson, Hye’s distiller, and Calais experimented with imported French Oak barrels. Drawing inspiration from traditional Jamaican rum, Hye Rum distills non-GMO molasses in a copper pot still and ages their rum in French Oak barrels to develop the spirits’ body, texture and flavor and preserve its distinct character. Opening its doors in 2017 and located in Hye, Texas, along the Fredericksburg Wine Road, Hye Rum greets visitors to its cozy tasting room and cocktail bar with signature hand-crafted cocktails.

“We’ve spent 5 years building a very loyal small following that I see has staying power. I love our fans and rum club members because it showcases a diverse group of backgrounds, genders and generations. A spirit has the ability to appeal to anyone, and I feel we’d be doing ourselves a disservice to target market to one group or another specifically. For me, rum reminds me of being on vacation. It’s the “time-off” spirit. I think everyone loves vacay universally no matter what.”

-Stephanie Houston, President/Cofounder

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