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Hidden Meadow Vineyard & Winery

Hidden Meadow Vineyard & Winery

A new winery in Jemison, Alabama.
664 County Road 606, Jemison, AL 35085

About UsHidden Meadow Vineyard is a winery located in rural Jemison, Alabama. We currently have well over a dozen varieties of wines, from dry to dessert, ready for the tasting. Our wine is made on-site from grapes and other fruits acquired on the premises and occasionally from other sources.

Hidden Meadow Vineyard has been several years in the making. The first grape plants were set out in 2005 with additional plantings through 2010 for a total of four acres. Varieties include: Muscadine grapes ( noble, carlos & magnolia ), Concord, Niagara & Cynthiana. We are a small- family run- farm winery realizing a dream that only most can dream of, but through hard work and careful planning dreams can come true.

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