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Brother's Bond Bourbon

Brother’s Bond Bourbon

Respect for the ingredients, their sources and the bourbon traditions that have been in place for generations.
1751 River Run Suite 200, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Our Story – Brother’s Bond is a story of time and quality; two things we all cherish in life.
We feel each moment of our friendship has led us here, to create this exceptional bourbon that we are thrilled to share with you.

100% Natural Ingredients – From American farms, we source our classic four grains – corn, rye, wheat, and barley.

Meticulous Prepping – Using a hammer mill, we prepare our grains by crushing to optimize the surface area and to achieve a high-quality alcohol yield. Making sure the grains are well crushed gives us confidence that our mash delivers a high-quality alcohol yield.

Quality Water Source – Well-water from a glacier-aquifer runs through shale with interbedded limestone. Limestone in the water is ideal for the mash. The limestone neutralizes the pH, adds useful minerals, like calcium, and filters out impurities.

Crafted Pure Spirit – During the distillation, the spirit’s contact with copper eliminates the sulfur (impurities), shapes the flavors and improves the spirit’s taste.

Aged Slow & Well – The quality of the wood and the char levels gives Brother’s Bond Bourbon flavor and color. Our staves are #4 char (55 second burn), to extract as much flavor as possible from the wood. The heads are #2 char (30-second burn), to contribute sweetness and complexity to our bourbon.

One of a Kind Taste – With every sip you discover rich and complex flavors. Each batch is personally held up to our gold standard, ensuring that every experience you have with Brother’s Bond Bourbon will be unforgettable.

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