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Boyden Valley Winery & Spirits

Pioneers in the wine industry in Northeast and first in Vermont.
64 VT-104, Cambridge, Jeffersonville, VT

Boyden Valley Winery was one of the first licensed wineries in Vermont. David and Linda Boyden were pioneers in the wine industry using newly cultivated winter-hardy hybrid grapes from Minnesota and planting their first vines in 1996. While they waited for the first grape harvest, they began to craft fruit wines and created some of their most iconic varieties including Boyden’s Cranberry Wine. Their fruit wine roots inspired many of the partnerships still maintained today with other local Vermont farms and foster a philosophy of sustainability on the farm.

All of our wines are fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.  Many of the stainless tanks we used up until 2017 were re-purposed from milk tanks originally utilized when we had dairy cows! We ungraded to custom stainless steel wine tanks designed specifically for us in Italy to celebrate our 20 year anniversary in June of 2017.  Stainless steel allows us to produce elegant, lively whites, and medium bodied reds full of character. Aged in time–honored French Oak casks our cellars yield mature, European–style wines.

Vermont is famous for its dairy farms and apple orchards. Boyden Valley Spirits is proud to be the first craft distilled company in the U.S. to specialize in cream liqueurs. David and Linda had the foresight to combine Boyden Valley Winery’s original Vermont Ice Cider, Vermont apple brandy, cream and maple syrup to create the award-winning Vermont Ice Maple Cream Liqueur loved by so many today.

David and Linda are steadfast stewards of the land and the craft of creating old world style wines. They infuse Linda’s European influences with David’s passion to develop sustainable practices for the land into every product they develop. They work tirelessly to create delicious and well-balanced wines, spirits, and now ciders, which is evident in the more than 20 award-winning products, offered at Boyden Valley.

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