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Blue Clover Distillery

Blue Clover Distillery

Be Bold. Be Different & Get Lucky!
7042 East Indian School Road, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

We Are Small Batch – Everything we do is small batch, hand-distilled in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are proud to sign each bottle that goes through our doors. We started with Vodka and branched into Gin, barrel-aged Gin and Vodka Flavors. Give us a try!

Have A Drink With Us – We bring you the finest distilled spirits handcrafted and bottled at our micro-distillery in Scottsdale, Arizona. We raise a toast to all who journey to Blue Clover Distillery, raise your glass and enjoy the sip!
Cheers, friends!

Blue Clover believes that the best spirits come from the best ingredients. No shortcuts or inferior products. We source the corn products from the best farms. Our hearts are in every batch we make. We craft our spirits from handmade copper stills made right here in America. The nature of our distilling process allows for a beautiful process that highlights the flavor and tones put out by our custom-made copper pot stills.
You’re Always Lucky With Blue Clover!

About Us – Founded by Weston Holm, Duane and Scott Koch – longtime friends who work hard and love to entertain – Blue Clover creates premium small-batch spirits that embody the journey of generations that came before.

We’re brought together with a passion for good spirits and enjoy the working process to deliver it.

A little of our history is how “Blue Clover” came about. With generations of farming and construction, we were inclined to build it ourselves!

Our background imbues everything we do, from the DIY construction of the distillery to the name itself. “Blue” pays respect to the Danish farming heritage, while “Clover” signifies our Irish love for fire and great spirits.

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