Curing A Ham

Curing A Ham

Curing A Ham

Curing a ham involves preserving it through the use of salt, sugar, and various other seasonings. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Begin by purchasing a fresh ham, which is the rear leg of the pig.

  2. Trim away any excess fat and remove the skin, leaving a thin layer of fat on the ham.

  3. Mix together a curing mixture that typically includes salt, sugar, and other seasonings like black pepper, garlic, and paprika.

  4. Rub the curing mixture all over the ham, making sure to coat it thoroughly.

  5. Place the ham in a large plastic bag or wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.

  6. Refrigerate the ham for several days, flipping it over every day or two to ensure that it cures evenly.

  7. After the curing process is complete, rinse the ham thoroughly to remove any excess salt.

  8. You can then cook the ham by baking, smoking, or roasting it, depending on your preference.

It’s important to note that curing a ham can be a complex process, and it’s crucial to follow proper food safety guidelines to avoid any risk of foodborne illness. If you’re new to the process, it may be best to seek guidance from a trusted source, such as a recipe or a professional chef.

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