2024 Wisconsin Cheese Dreams Contest

Entry Deadline: February 14, 2024
Categories: MISC Competitions
2024 Wisconsin Cheese Dreams Contest

General Information

Some states dream in bikini-covered beaches or barrel-aged bourbon, but Wisconsin dreams in cheese. This National Cheese Lover’s Day tell Wisconsin Cheese your cherished cheese dreams.

How to Enter
WEBSITE: Upload a 15-45 second video and written description of your dream below.
INSTAGRAM: Simply post a 15-45 second video to Instagram feeds or reels highlighting your cheese dream, tagging @wisconsincheese and using #wisconsincheesedream

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Grand Prize(s) Each of 2 Categories – Up to $5,000.00 Value
Grand Prize(s) may consist of products or experiences surrounding Wisconsin Cheese based on the winning submission.

Prize Winner(s) (100) – $100.00 Approximate Retail Value
Wisconsin Cheese Dream Themed Box of Wisconsin Cheese and Swag

Fruits and Vegetables

Contest News

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