2024 Siegel’s Bagelmania World Bagel Eating Championship

Entry Deadline: January 13, 2024
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2024 Siegel's Bagelmania World Bagel Eating Championship
Venue / Location

Siegel’s Bagelmania
252 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

General Information

Competition – January 13, 2024

May reach entry capacity before Competition.

Discipline – Bagel with Cream Cheese

In a league of their own, Siegel’s Bagelmania has been delighting fans with their quintessential New York-style bagels, bridging the gap between the East Coast and Las Vegas for more than 30 mouth-watering years.

These aren’t regular bagels; these are the Best Bagels in Las Vegas voted on by locals and visitors. It’s not just a venue; it’s the heart of a bagel revolution, and they’re hosting a contest that’s about much more than eating—it’s about making history.

Last year’s National Bagel Day was nothing short of legendary. Geoff Esper didn’t just participate; he dominated, obliterating records with a staggering 17.75 bagels with cream cheese. But he wasn’t alone on the battlefield; titans like Nick Wehry and Miki Sudo were hot on his trail, consuming 14.75 and 12.75 bagels, respectively. Their heroic efforts left us awe-struck and hungry for more.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Total Purse – $10,000.00

1st – $5,000.00
2nd – $2,750.00
3rd – $1,300.00
4th – $650.00
5th – $300.00

Beautiful Blue Table Setting

Contest News

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