2024 Million Dollar Whopper Contest

Entry Deadline: March 17, 2024
2024 Million Dollar Whopper Contest

General Information

The Burger King® brand (“BK” or “Burger King”) is looking for the next Whopper® sandwich idea to become America’s favorite burger.

Sponsor will select 3 finalists, prizes determined by vote.

Entrants” must sign up for BK® Royal Perks and may submit up to three (3) “Contest Entries” with their suggestions for a Whopper® sandwich that includes between 3-8 “Toppings”

How to Submit a Contest Entry: During the Contest Submission Period, visit BK.com/mdw (“Site”), accept the Contest Official Rules, and follow the instructions to create and submit your Contest Entry.
Step 1: Entrant is presented with a bun and first selects either a 100% Flame Grilled Beef patty or an Impossible™ patty for their Whopper Idea. This selection is not part of the Entrant’s Contest Entry and will not impact the Sponsor’s assessment of the Whopper Idea for purposes of this Contest.
Step 2: Entrant must add at least three (3), but no more than eight (8) “Toppings” (see Toppings Guidelines section) in order to create a Contest Entry.
a. Toppings must be edible food items
b. Toppings must be written in English and there is a 25 character limitation on the Topping Name
c. The Site will not allow Entrants to include:
i. Non-edible/ non-food items(as recognized by Million Dollar Whopper AI Tool*);
ii. Peanuts and crustacean shellfish (i.e., “Prohibited Allergens”); and
iii. Beverages

Complete Contest Rules On Left Side Of Contest Page.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Grand Prize (1) – $1,000,000.00/ACH transfer to winner’s bank.
Second Prize (1) – $200,000.00/ACH transfer to winner’s bank.
Third Prize (1) – $100,000.00/ACH transfer to winner’s bank.
Finalists  (3) and their respective guests (one guest per Finalist) will receive a trip to Miami, FL to collaborate with the Burger King Culinary team to finalize a recipe for the Limited Time Offer Whopper® based on their Contest Entry, tentatively scheduled for May 2024.

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