2024 Instructables – Remake It Autodesk Design & Make Student Semester Contest

Entry Deadline: May 13, 2024
Categories: MISC Competitions
2024 Instructables – Remake It Autodesk Design & Make Student Semester Contest

General Information

Overview – Have you ever looked at something and wished it worked better or was uniquely suited to your particular needs? If so, this is your opportunity to fix that! We want you to take an existing item, improve upon its design, and then make it.

This is by no means a novel approach to making. Most of the items you encounter in your everyday life are improvements on items that came before. Even something simple like the fork was reinvented many, many, times before we arrived at the version you use today. And there is no reason to believe that it won’t be reinvented again; take the spork for instance. All of this is to say that if you are stuck on what you may want to remake, chances are you probably don’t have to look far for inspiration.

Since we are leaving it up to you to define “improvement”, we want you to explain in your instructable what problem you are trying to solve and why your new design is an improvement.

Requirements – Entries to this contest must:
– Remake an existing item in order to improve upon it.
– Specify what item is being remade and why.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Grand Prize (1) – $500.00/Autodesk Gift Card
Autodesk Judge’s Prize (3) – $300.00/Autodesk Gift Card
First Prize (3) – $300.00/Autodesk Gift Card
Second Prize (5) – $100.00/Autodesk Gift Card
Runner-Up (10) – $50.00/Autodesk Gift Card

Blue and Pink Table Setting

Contest News

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