2024 Diageo World Class Canada Cocktail Recipe Competition

Entry Deadline: November 23, 2023
2024 Diageo World Class Canada Cocktail Recipe Competition

General Information

The Competition is open to Canadian residents who are nineteen (19) years old or older at time of entry.

Each Recipe will be assigned a total score out of 80 based on the following criteria:
1. Visual Appeal/Picture of Cocktail: 0-10 points
2. Balance: 0-20 points
3. Complexity & Originality: 0-20 points
4. Cocktail name: 0-10 points
5. Expression of spirit: 0-20 points
In the case of duplicate Recipes (as determined by Ambassadors in their sole discretion), the first entry submitted on the Competition Website will be judged.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

There are up to fifteen (15) prizes for each Region for a total of up to thirty (30) prizes (individually referred to as a  Regional Finalist (1) – Entry into the applicable Regional Challenge.

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Contest News

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