2023 Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Competition

Entry Deadline: May 17, 2023
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2023 Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Competitions
Venue / Location

Sydney, Australia

General Information

Judging – July 25, 2023

A Competition Schedule is the rule book that governs each Competition.

The Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Schedule tells you everything you need to know about the Beer & Cider Competition. Available online as a PDF document, the Schedule lists entry fees, closing dates, where to deliver your entry, conditions of entry, prizes and much more.

Although beer made its way to Australia with Captain Cook on the Endeavour – as a means of preserving drinking water on board the ship – and the first pub opened in NSW in Parramatta in 1796, it wasn’t until 1826 that beer was first judged in competition by the Agricultural Society.

In 1835 the Kent Brewery opened on Parramatta Rd, Sydney becoming the Tooth & Co. Brewery in the 1840s when it was taken over by Edwin and Robert Tooth.  Robert partnered with Thomas Mort (RAS President 1863-64) to import alpacas to Australia from Peru in 1850 and joined Mort as a member of the Agricultural Society in the 1860s.

Apple trees were one of the first crops introduced into Australia – planted by Captain Bligh in 1788 – and the benefits of fermenting the fruit into a crisp cider seemed to be far more popular than consuming them for their dietary fibre and antioxidants. Back in 1826 our judges were only interested in peach and apple cider although today they assess pear, strawberry, pomegranate and even elderflower cider as well.

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – $130.00

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Medals are determined by the Judges using the following 20 point scale
Gold medal for outstanding Exhibits gaining 17.0pts and over
Silver medal for excellent Exhibits gaining 15.6.0pts but fewer than 16.9pts
Bronze medal for quality Exhibits gaining 14.0pts but fewer than 15.5pts
Champion are determined using the Borda Count Method.


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