2023 Melbourne International Beer Competition

Entry Deadline: June 23, 2023
Categories: Beer Competitions
2023 Melbourne International Beer Competition
Venue / Location

This is a VIRTUAL Competition

General Information

Judging – June 25, 2023

This year we are going VIRTUAL for the MIBC…we do not want to send commercial labeled bottles and cans to the judges.

– Please send unmarked/blank bottles and cans with no commercial labels or designs
– Please add by marking or tape the 4 digit “SKU” assigned to your submission to each bottle or can
– If you are unable to send an unmarked bottle and can please notify us in advance so we can prepare

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – $100.00

Shipping Address / Drop Off Location

Liquor Logistics Pty Ltd.
C/O Melbourne International Beer Competition
Unit 1, 365 Plummer Street
Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207


Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Award levels are Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
– Double Gold: Phenomenal Product (Must Be Unanimous Decision by Panelists)
– Gold: Buyers “Love” It
– Silver: Buyers “Like” It
– Bronze: Buyers would purchase it

Double Gold award winners will be re-tasted by all panelists to establish which brands may be eligible to receive a ‘Best of Category’ endorsement in its pricing category

Contest News

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