2023 Flat Rock Brew Competition

Entry Deadline: April 14, 2023
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2023 Flat Rock Brew Competition
Contact Information
Venue / Location

Flat Rock Brew Club
290 Willoughby Road
Naremburn, NSW 2065

General Information

Competition – April 30, 2023

Number of Bottles Required Per Entry – 2

There is a limit of 120 entries for this competition.

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – $7.50 (AUD)

Shipping Address / Drop Off Location

Hop & Grain
50 Sydney St
Marrickville NSW 2204
Entry bottles accepted at our shipping location from Saturday 1 April, 2023 00:00, AEDT through Friday 14 April, 2023 12:00, AEST.

Asquith Home Brewing Supplies
3/46 Edgeworth David Ave, Waitara NSW 2077
02 9476 2022
*Last drop-off 12.04.23

Flat Rock Brew Cafe
290 Willoughby Road, Naremburn, NSW 2065
02 9460 6696
*Drop-off only

Grainmother Brewing Supplies
Shop 5, 158-162, Banna Avenue, Griffith NSW 2680
0488 019638
*Saturday 1st April 10am to 1pm

Hop & Grain Brew Store
50 Sydney St, Marrickville NSW 2204
02 9516 3008
*Shipping and drop-off

Hop & Grain Brew Store
2/5 Mitchell Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170
02 8749 8047
*Drop-off only

The Brew Shop
60A Henry Lawson Dr, Peakhurts, NSW 2210
02 9161 2323
*Drop-off only

UVA Sustainable Technologies
U2, 25-27, Altin Street, Griffith NSW 2680
0418 748088
*Last drop-off 05.04.23 (please call first)

Entry bottles accepted at our drop-off locations from Saturday 1 April, 2023 00:00, AEDT through Friday 14 April, 2023 12:00, AEST.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Prizes to the value of ~$100 will be awarded once judging is completed to 1st place in each category.
– Australian Pale Ales
– American Pale Ales
– American IPA
– English Pale Ales
– Dark/Brown Ales
– Porters/Stouts
– Pale Lagers
– Dark Lagers
– Wheat Beers
– Hazy IPA
– Sour Beers
– Belgian
The 1st placed entries above will advance to the Best of Show (BoS) round with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and prize awarded and a Brewer’s Choice award and prize selected from all the BoS beers by a The Flat Rock Brew Cafe head brewer – Karl Riseborough.
Best of Show 1st – sponsored by INKBIRD – ITC-308-WIFI, IHT-2PB, IBBQ-4T & INK-VS01
Best of Show 2nd – sponsored by Newera – Ss Fermenter
Best of Show 3rd – sponsored by BeerCo – Prize pack worth up to $200
All the Best of Show contenders (i.e. category winners) including the placed beers above, will be eligible for
Brewer’s Choice – sponsored by Flat Rock Brew Cafe – ProAm ‘Day with Brewer’ and their beer served on tap
Score sheets will be emailed to participants. Results will be posted to the competition web site after the judging concludes.

Prizes may be collected or shipped directly from the sponsor.

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