2023 Doritos® Minis Challenge

Entry Deadline: November 9, 2023
Categories: MISC Competitions
2023 Doritos® Minis Challenge

General Information

Assignment – Have you ever wanted to eat miniature Doritos straight from a canister? Oddly specific…but we have the product just for you! Doritos Minis are packing the same bold flavor you love, now smaller and on-the-go! To celebrate, we are challenging Legioners to create content centered around Doritos Minis.

Objective – The Doritos team is looking for content centered around Doritos Minis. We’d love the content to lean into the small nature of the chip. Submissions are open to both stills and videos. We want evergreen content, meaning it can be posted tomorrow or next month. Clear branding (if a bag is in the shot, make sure the logo is not cut off), Doritos awesomeness, and oh, no claims about the product.

Key Messaging & Watchouts
1. The product should always be written as “Frito-Lay Minis.” Or Doritos Minis. Doritos Minis is singular, not plural.
2. Must pour into hand and not stick hand into canister! (This is a BIG watch out, make sure no hands are ever in the can)
3. Frito-Lay Minis are an always on-the-go snack that can easily be brought with you everywhere you go!

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Cash Prizes
1st – $3,000.00
2nd – $2,500.00
3rd – $1,250.00
4th – $750.00
5th – $500.00

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