2023 Central Coast Vinegar Competition

Entry Deadline: May 1, 2023
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2023 Central Coast Vinegar Competition
Venue / Location

1600 Exposition Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95815

General Information

The overall goal of the Central Coast Vinegar Competition is to provide a venue for vinegar’s to be professionally judged, and to educate consumers regarding the quantity and styles of vinegar produced in the USA. This competition is produced and managed by the California Mid-State Fair.

1. Balsamic
2. Barrel Aged
3. Flavored (Please Specify)
4. Malt Vinegar
5. Red Wine Vinegar
6. White Vinegar
7. Any Other (Please Specify)
8. Apple
9. Grape
10. Other Fruit (Please Specify)
11. Infused Vinegar

Each entry must consist of (2) bottles containing at least 7 Ounce (210ml) of each vinegar to be entered. Please identify in large legible letters, the name of the producer on the outside of shipment. The outside of the shipment is also to be labeled CCVC.

No vinegar will be accepted for which carrier charges have not been prepaid. All entries must be available for sale to the general public at full price. All bottles must have labels and ready for market and not be open.

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – $65.00 (now thru March 24, 2023)
Per Entry Fee – $75.00 (March 25, 2023 thru April 2, 2023)

Shipping Address / Drop Off Location

Ship To:
CCVC –Paso Robles Event Center
2198 Riverside Avenue
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Fruits and Vegetables

Contest News

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