2023 APC National Pie Championships – Commercial Division

Entry Deadline: April 15, 2023
2023 APC National Pie Championships - Commercial Division
Venue / Location

Orlando, Florida

General Information

Competition – May 1-2, 2023

Commercial and independent bakeries have been busy in the kitchen, perfecting customer favorites, while conjuring new flavor sensations, intensifying interest in this year’s delectable showdown.

Commercial and independent bakeries of all sizes from throughout North American are invited to compete in more than 30 sweet and savory flavors.  A blue ribbon will be awarded in each flavor category, with the company winning the most blue ribbons named the best pie maker in the nation!

Evaluation of Pies
 – First Impression: Pre slice score – Includes appearance and consistency of crust or topping. After
slice score – Based on degree of appropriate runniness, juiciness or firmness. Overall appearance,
aroma, etc, first taste.
 – A Closer Look: Flavor – Strength and balance of flavor appropriate for type of pie; balance of sweet
and/or tartness. Peripheral flavors should be balanced with main ingredient of pie.
 – Mouthfeel – Appropriate consistency, i.e. thick, thin, smooth, creamy, versus chalky, mushy, runny,
dry, sticky, etc. should be considered when appropriate. Crust – Flaky or mealy. Aftertaste –
Pleasant or unpleasant
 – Overall Appeal: After scoring for appearance and taste, how impressive was it, how appealing and
 – Creativity: (Only for Best New Product) – How creative is this pie

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – $175.00 (Commercial Member)
Per Entry Fee – $275.00 (Non-Member)
After April 15, 2023, additional $100

Per Entry Fee – $50.00 (Independent Baker Entry Form)
Per Entry Fee – $100.00 (Non-Member)
After April 15, 2023, additional $50