2023 African Beer Cup

Entry Deadline: March 24, 2023
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2023 African Beer Cup
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General Information

Competition – April 18,2023

Beer entered in the competition must have been brewed in Africa.

The African Beer Cup is the largest beer competition on the continent. Entries are welcomed from breweries small and large operating in any African country.

Beers will be double-judged by a handpicked panel of qualified beer judges and industry experts from around the globe. Winners are announced at the annual BeerEx Africa, held in Cape Town.

Every beer is judged twice by a hand-picked team of industry experts.

The judging panels will be made up of BJCP-qualified judges and industry experts. Beers will be judged using the 2021 BJCP guidelines. Although BJCP judging is designed to remove subjectivity, it is not a fool-proof way to judge. Sometimes judges have an off day, are unfamiliar with a style or are influenced by someone else on their panel. To try and remove this risk, every beer in the African Beer Cup will be judged twice, by two different panels. Scores will then be compared and an average taken. Should there be a difference of more than seven points between the two sets of scores, a third panel will be called upon to re-evaluate and an overall average of the three scores will determine the final score.

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – ZAR88O

Shipping Address / Drop Off Location

Cape Town, South Africa