2022 Entenmann’s® “Dads of Glory: A Father Figure Showcase” Contest

Entry Deadline: July 1, 2022
Categories: MISC Competitions

General Information

Share a video clip that shows us why your dad is a Dad of Glory across one of the five Dad-egories: Dad Humor, Dad Feats, Dad Engineering, Dad Fashion, and Dad Love.

Before submitting your entry, please make sure that you’ve received permission from everyone within the video. Your video should not include any obscene content, dangerous activities, or content owned by others (logos, music, visuals, etc.).

The Dad-egories
Dad Engineering -Modern dad problems call for modern dad solutions. This category celebrates the most innovative examples of dad ingenuity.

Dad Humor – Dads already fancy themselves comedians—so let’s give them the spotlight. This category celebrates their funniest moments, intentional or not.

Dad Feats – A category awarding dad reflexes—including but not limited to their sixth sense for danger, and general physical abilities.

Dad Fashion – Dad shoes, dad hats, cargo shorts aplenty. We celebrate the best of the worst (and best) of dad fashion.

Dad Love – The heartfelt, tear-jerking moments only a loving father figure can create, including the selfless (sometimes unexpected) acts that make dads unlike anyone else.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Golden Donut Award Package (1) – The Nominee of winning entry will receive $50,000.00/Check

Dad-egory Prize Packages (5 total, one for each Dad-egory) – The Nominees of each winning entry will receive $1,000.00/Check

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