2022 Doritos Legion of Creators – Doritos® Fake Product

Entry Deadline: November 18, 2022
Categories: MISC Competitions
2022 Doritos Legion of Creators - Doritos® Fake Product

General Information

Winners Announced – November 30, 2022

Assignment – Have you ever looked at something in the store and been like wow… I wish this was Doritos® themed. Well, now’s your chance to make that dream a reality. We’re looking for a host of fake Doritos products to get some laughs and likes on our channels. Think fidget spinners (are those still a thing?), candles, and anything else ridiculous and fun that could be Doritos themed. So, if you think you’ve got the next big idea for Doritos we’d love to see it!

Objective – What the Doritos team is looking for are fake product designs that feature Doritos. Maybe it’s a new type of Nacho Cheese  face cream or a Cool Ranch ® dating app. You decide. The concept and product will just need to be able to live within a social post. That could be a still or video if the design permits. Just remember, these are fake product designs and will not be made in any capacity. . Your ideas should be Doritos inspired and not reference, use or imitate brands or identifiable characteristics of existing products.  Submissions should not simply take the Doritos logo and slap it onto an existing product, think outside of the box.

Submissions will be invalidated if they contain any intellectual property that images Doritos does not have rights to, such as visible third-party logos, copyrighted designs (think Fender Stratocaster, or Nike Jordans), images or music that requires licensing etc. or intellectual property, music rights, etc. If your item is selected, we may ask for more information to help us understand the inspiration for the design.

Deliverable(s) – Stills, GIFS or videos that can live on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Images must be submitted as .jpg or .png, and files can’t exceed 100 MB.

Must match platform specs: Instagram/Facebook – 16:9, 9:16 or 1:1 and 16:9 for TikTok.

Creative expectations: Content should match the guidelines laid out in the Legion Handbook. (i.e., make sure colors, fonts and brand tone match), where you can also find the latest bag images.

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Cash Prizes
1st – $3,000.00
2nd – $2,000.00
3rd – $1,500.00
4th – $750.00
5th – $500.00

The Wonder of Mushrooms

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