2022 Coffee Fest – Latte Art Competition

Entry Deadline: January 9, 2022
Categories: MISC Competitions
2022 Coffee Fest - Latte Art Competition

General Information

Judging is Based on Seven Categories

Speed: The competitor who places their drink down first so that it is touching the saucer wins the speed point. Making great latte art quickly is a necessary skill for a professional barista.
Balance/Symmetry: This category refers to how the design sits in the cup. Depending on the classic understanding of the design being presented it should be centered in the cup or balanced in relation to the edges of the cup. This is both an issue of precision and/or esthetic.
Color Distribution: This category refers to the amount of layering and color being folded into the design from the center of the cup and out to the edges of the cup.
Line Clarity: The lines of a design will be judged according to how crisp or sharp they are. Fuzzy or softer edges will lose to defined and clear lines. The design will be judged according to which pattern has the highest percentage of clear lines.
Creativity/Difficulty: This category relates to how the artist puts their personal touch on a latte art design compared to their opponent and common understanding of what that designs classic pattern is. In the absence of an obvious creative mark, the overall difficulty of the pours will be assessed.
Execution: This category judges the overall execution of the design based on what is commonly understood as ideal. Wayward cut-throughs or other elements that are too vague in appearance vs. all elements of the design itself being clear, present, and obvious to the judges.
Presentation: This category is also related to what would be an unacceptable drink to present in a real cafe. If the edges of the cup are filthy, the drink is under poured or over poured the competitor will lose this point. If a competitor uses their own cup and it is chipped it will count against them.

*Cups with markings for pouring aids will be counted against in this category.

Entry Fees

Per Entry Fee – $21.00

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

1st Place – $2,500.00
2nd Place – $1,500.00
3rd Place – $1,000.00

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