2022 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Entry Deadline: January 16, 2022
Categories: Beer Competitions
2022 Best of Craft Beer Awards
Venue / Location

Redmond, Oregon

General Information

Awards – March 4-6, 2022

Judging is conducted blind; entries in the first round will receive feedback from each Judge at the table, and subsequent rounds will receive feedback from the judging team.

Entries at the 2022 BOCBA will be evaluated to style with a preference for harmony and dynamism over strict fidelity. As the OBA puts it, “a beer with no technical flaws that varies from classic style parameters will be judged in greater esteem than a beer with technical flaws that adheres to style.”

Prizes / Awards / Medals / Ribbons

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded in each category unless Judges deem less than 3 beers are medal-worthy.

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